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If you have been following me for a while, you know I LOVE me some Tula products! Not only do their products actually work and do what they say they are going to do- but they are also cruelty-free and free of tons of other harmful chemicals. They are big into using probiotics in all of their products because it has shown to hydrate and clear the skin and decrease inflammation. With all that being said, I wanted to briefly give you a run down of MY FAVORITE Tula products- these are the products I use daily/weekly and can’t be without! Also don’t forget, you can use code MRSCOCO for 20% off anything on their website (except not on auto-delivery).

Glow and Get It Eye Balm-This is Tula’s newest product launch and quite possibly my absolute favorite. It is cooling and soothing but also adds a little glow to the eye area to not only make you feel more awake but look more awake as well.

Dual-Phase Skin Reviving Treatment Pads– These are a once-weekly treatment system. One side smooths a serum over your entire face, then you flip the pad and the other side exfoliates the serum deeper into your skin. My skin glows after using these pads and an entire box will last you MONTHS.

Exfoliating Treatment Mask- This was the very first Tula product I ever used and quickly became obsessed with it. It’s an exfoliating mask that you leave on for 10 minutes and wash off. I use it about once a week and my skin feels so squeaky clean after!

Hydrating Day and Night Cream– This stuff is a savior in these cold winter months. A little goes a long ways. I don’t even use it every day, just when I feel like I need an extra boost of moisture to my face.

Illuminating Skin Serum- I love to apply this stuff before my makeup to give a subtle glow from within. Just like most of their products- a little goes a long ways. I only need about half a pump for my whole face to give it a nice glow.

Eye Renewal Serum– This stuff is soooooo good. It is cooling like the eye balm I talked about but this is also very moisturizing to the delicate under eye area. This is a product I use day and night to keep the eye area in tip top condition. The balm I discussed previously is more of a makeup product in my eyes, whereas this is more of a skincare product (does that make sense?).

If you have any Tula questions at all, don’t hesitate to reach out. You can DM me, email me, etc. Thank you to Tula for sponsoring this post- all opinions are my own, always.

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