Tula Primer Comparison…

When Tula recently launched their newest primer– I got so many questions for a comparison with their existing blurring primer. I am hoping this post will answer all of your questions!

The newest primer is for brightening and smoothing, versus the original primer which was for blurring out imperfections. Both are fantastic but very different. Both are also non-comedogenic meaning they won’t clog your pores.

The newbie has no pigment. It goes on clear and instantly gives your skin a cooling sensation that I love. It creates a very smooth canvas to apply your makeup to. I also find it to be quite hydrating which is nice. It is a thicker consistency than the blurring primer and comes in a 1.4 oz tub for $34- or $28 when you use code MRSCOCO at checkout.

Brightening/Smoothing Primer
Brightening/Smoothing primer blended.

The blurring primer gives your skin pigment. It goes on white but blends to give a smooth finish. This primer is build-able so if you want more coverage, you can add another layer. What is good about this primer is that if you are very minimal with your makeup, this can be your first and last step since it does give some coverage. It is a thinner consistency than the first primer and comes in a 1 oz tube for $34- or $28 with code MRSCOCO.

Blurring Primer-
Blurring Primer- mid blend
Blurring Primer fully blended.

Lastly- I know this product is not a primer but it is absolutely the best Tula product ever, hands down. Their glow and get it eye balm is such a game-changer and it lasts FOREVER. I am not kidding when I say I keep one in my bathroom, one in my gym bag and one in my purse. It gives the most amazing cooling effect to the under eye and instantly brightens with the illumination it leaves behind. The price is $28 or $23 with code MRSCOCO.

You can see where I applied the balm on the inner right side of my hand.

Again, I hope this post was helpful! Feel free to reach out with any questions you have regarding Tula!

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