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Here is my Q & A I did with Dr. Burke- from Maine Laser Skin Care. He is the doctor that did my Botox and lip fillers. At the bottom there are some before and after pictures as well! Enjoy- and if you have more questions for Dr. Burke- please leave me a blog post comment and I will do my best to get your questions answered! If you missed part 1, you can read all about my experience actually getting the Botox and lip filler HERE.



1.) How long have you been doing cosmetic procedures?
I have been doing cosmetic procedures since late 2003. I first started with laser procedures and then added Botox and fillers in 2004. Many other newer procedures were added over time as they were developed. I was one of the first group of doctors in Maine to perform some of the newly developed products such as Kybella (for the double chin area) and Volbella for the lips.


2.) What procedure do you perform the most?
Laser hair removal is our most common procedure but Botox is a close second in terms of number of patients.


3.) When should someone consider getting Botox or other cosmetic procedures? Can you be too young or too old to see benefits from Botox? Fillers?
The age for considering cosmetic procedures varies with the problem area and the technology used. I have used lasers on many teenagers to treat acne breakouts and acne scars. I have also seen many seniors even into their 80s who wanted to get rid of spots caused by years of sun damage. My rule of thumb is that someone should consider cosmetic procedures when the problem bothers them enough that it becomes distracting to them whether it is a specific wrinkle or spot or hair growth.


4.) What’s the best noninvasive thing you do for peoples’ skin in their 20s, 30s, 40s?
Best noninvasive procedure we do in the 20s and 30s is generally the Hydrafacial which is a facial which cleans out the pores and moisturizes the skin by infusing serums. The 40s is the best time to start Botox although many people start doing Botox in their 20s and 30s now when lines first start to develop as more preventative.


5.) For someone who’s not ready for Botox yet, what do you recommend?
For someone not ready for Botox yet, the primary action should be protection of the skin with sunscreens which limit sun damage which increases lines. obviously, if someone smokes, stopping is a top priority as it does horrible things to the skin (as well as everywhere else on the body).


6.) What’s the difference between Botox and fillers?
Botox and fillers differ in the way they treat wrinkles and lines. Botox does it by relaxing the muscles that cause lines which smooths out the area over the muscles. Fillers replace lost collagen and lift up the skin underneath the lines by replacing the lost volume.


7.) Does it hurt?
Botox uses a very small needle and feels like a very small sharp pinch followed by some pressure. Fillers are thicker and need a larger needle to inject so we generally use a Novacaine-like numbing cream over the area to be treated. The fillers I use also have a Novacaine-like substance mixed in with the gel and numbs the area further as we inject. With both Botox and fillers, there is no pain after the procedure.


8.) Is it safe with breastfeeding?
Since Botox and fillers are injectable products and there has not been any testing on them with women breastfeeding, it is not recommended to use these products while women are breastfeeding.


9.) When can you expect to see results? (for both Botox and fillers)? How long does it last?
Results with fillers can be seen right away with further improvement seen within 2 weeks. Botox takes 3-4 days to kick in with initial improvement but is maximum usually in 1-2 weeks. Once Botox’s effects kick in, they continue for about 3 months whereas fillers will last 1 year. The exception is Voluma for cheeks which lasts 2 years.


10.) What’s the upkeep like?
Upkeep for Botox is retreatment when it wears off which starts off around 3 months but lengthens in time if you retreat as soon as it wears off. Fillers generally last for a year and the very gradually wear off so you have plenty of time to be treated again.


11.) When the filler wears off, does it wear off evenly or will it look lumpy?
When fillers wear off, it happens very evenly. If you let it wear off completely, it will return to where you were before the filler in appearance.


12.) When can I wear makeup again? On my face and lips?
You can wear makeup immediately after most of the treatments I do here including Botox, fillers and the type of laser you had. It would probably be better not to use lip gloss right away due to some of the swelling initially but you certainly could use it the next day.



Here are some before and after pics-


Botox: Crows Feet

Botox: Crows Feet

Juviderm Volbella Filler:

Thank You Dr. Burke for taking the time to answer all of my questions. If you are interested in getting a procedure done with him, his office is located in Augusta, Maine. He has a ton of great information on his website and also on his Facebook page.

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