Nautica + Amazon- New Booties!

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As I am sure you guys already know, I shop on Amazon almost daily. From household goods to clothing and shoes, it’s one of my first online destinations. I recently came across this gorgeous pair of Nautica wedge booties that I just couldn’t wait to share with you! I am SO into wedges right now. They give me just the right amount of extra height to really lengthen the legs but they are still easy to walk in. These ones are great because they are also neutral and you can wear heavy socks with them for the colder months. They come navy blue as well (you know I love navy!) You could pair these with leggings, dress them up for the office, make them more casual with some cuffed denim, etc. The possibilities are endless. Sizing wise- I feel they run a little big. I would suggest sizing down half a size.
While I went down the Nautica rabbit hole I also found this jacket and tote bag that I couldn’t pass up. This jacket is very similar to a designer one I own but actually a little better because it’s thinly lined in fleece on the inside making it extra warm and comfortable. Plus it has thumb holes! Oh and the price is also way better. I also thought this tote was a pretty great black basic for less than $30! There’s tons of pockets so it will easily hold all my kids things! Overall I was very impressed with my Nautica pieces from Amazon Fashion – I highly suggest checking out their stuff for great and affordable pieces!


Booties (size down half a size)
Jacket (wearing an xs)
Tote Bag
Sweatshirt (wearing an xs)

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Gift Guide- Under $50!

This is another highly-requested post! I think of this as the gifts for teachers/coworkers basically anyone you want to get something small for! Some of these items are my tried and true for gift giving and others I just think would be great hits!

Tula Travel Set– $39-Of course I couldn’t leave Tula out of a gift guide! I am such a huge fan of their products. They actually do what they say they are going to do. I think this travel set is perfect for anyone who wants to try out the brand OR for people that already use the brand but travel often or have a vacation coming up and they don’t want to bring all their full-size products. If you use code: MRSCOCO it brings the set down to $39!

Corkcicle Tumbler– $29- Every time this tumbler makes an appearance on my IG stories I get a bunch of questions about it. It’s great for hot or cold drinks and it’s super cute too. You could also put a Starbucks (or any other gift card) inside ! Such a great gift idea

Sigma Brush & Cleaning Mat-$35- I have one of these cleaning mats and it is the BEST for cleaning your brushes. It gets them super clean. I love this little set because the color is beautiful and it’s a great deal. Any makeup lover would love this!

Pink Furry Gloves– $55- Okay so this one is slightly above the $50 cut off but they are worth it! They have the tech finger tips too so you can use your phone when you’re wearing them. I love the color and the furry part is too cute. They also come in navy. I have them in a size small- I don’t think my hands are particularly tiny so I do think these run a bit big.

Linlily Microneedler- $23- This is such a steal! I wanted to try a microneedler for a long time but did not want to spend a ton of money on it. I have this one and the quality and packaging are impressive plus it comes with an extra replacement head.

Jcrew Glitter Slippers– $24- Slippers are a great gift for ANYONE. These caught my eye because of the fun glittery color but they also come in solid colors and plaid as well. These run TTS- if in between sizes, size up!

Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Set– $30- This is a great price! I swear by this deodorant. I buy it in bulk because it’s the best I have ever tried. I love that you can layer the gorgeous scent with the lotion and body wash. I would LOVE this set….hint hint 🙂

Baublebar Earrings- $38- I was immediately drawn to the color of these earrings. They are stunning! There are other colors as well if turquoise isn’t your thing.

O-Venture Key Ring– $25- This is another thing that I could not leave off the list. I swear this key ring is one of the best inventions! I love to gift it to everyone I know! The sparkle silicone one shown is $25 but you can use code: Coco15 for 15% off.

Gift Guide- Kiddos!

Here’s another gift guide for you! This one has been highly requested. I have tried to keep it as gender neutral as possible. I feel like it makes things easier- especially for those of us who have both boys and girls. Also my kiddos have most of these toys so I can tell you from experience that they are all BIG HITS! xo

Grow & Glow Terrarium $12- This is so cool and educational. I know both my kiddos would think this is very cool and the price point is great. It also works great for either a boy or a girl!

Balance Bikes $119- This is one of the more big ticket items. These balance bikes are so popular in helping kids learn how to ride a bike. There’s both boy and girl colors in it. What kid wouldn’t love to get this as a gift?!

2-in-1 Stuffed Animal Hoodie $50- I thought this was really cool. I love things that have multiples uses. This can be a stuffed animal or a hoodie- genius!

Fancy Nancy Boombox/Microphone $21- We have this toy and my kids fight over it. They love singing along to the little tunes and of course using the microphone. My kids aren’t even Fancy Nancy fans but this toy has been a huge hit.

Light Up Sneakers $44- This gift will be a HUGE hit for sure! Emmy has had a pair of these in her wardrobe for over a year now. When she grew out of her first pair, we had to immediately replace them with a new pair. Elliott loved Emmy’s so much that we got him the boy version.

Glowing Race Car Set $49- Both of my kids are OBSESSED with this toy. It keeps them entertained for SO long. We have even had to replace the cars and buy extra tracks because they have used and abused this toy so much.

Tent with Tunnels $138- Oh my gosh how my kids would love this toy!! I can imagine it would be a big hit with most kids. A tent with 4 tunnels? Sounds like hours of fun to me!

Kinetic Sand $20- Another big hit with my kids and with the adults. This stuff is so cool to play with! Way better than play-doh in my opinion!

Walkie Talkies $20- This would make a great gift for siblings! One gift that they essentially can’t fight over! (Although I am sure mine would find a way!)

Here are a few other toys that are on my kids’ wish list-

Men’s Gift Guide!

When I took a poll a couple days ago, an overwhelming number of you asked me for a men’s gift guide so voila! Ask and you shall receive! Some of these are actually things I am gifting my husband this year! I also asked for his input and he actually came up with a few of these items! Enjoy!
men's gift guide

Slippers $79- LL Bean makes the best men’s slippers ever. I think every guy I know owns a pair. Anyone who receives these as a gift will not be disappointed!

Grooming Products $35- I always gift my husband some Kiehl’s for the holidays. He has been using their products for years. We are big fans of the brand in this house- so this kit is an easy gift option.

Jogger Pants $68- I gifted my husband these last year. He still wears them now. This brand is great quality so I had to include them again in this year’s gift guide.

Travel Mug $29- This is another staple gift in my house. I actually really want one for myself. It’s a great price too and there’s a ton of color options! This is a great gift for the workaholic!

Toiletry Bag $55- This gift could be given along with the grooming kit above. This is a great gift for the traveling guy. You could also put other small gifts inside- gift cards or fun socks?

Fitbit $59- I have always wanted to try one of these myself and I see a ton of guys working out wearing them so I figure I should include it! This one is definitely a more budget-friendly one. They can be as much as $300 but for the beginner, this seems like a good option.

Leather Weekend Bag $395- I gifted this to my husband recently. It is the priciest gift on the list but I can tell you, it is absolutely beautiful and will last for years to come. There’s also an option for monogramming too so you can make it that much more special.

Allbirds Sneakers $95- Another item I recently gifted my husband (I am sensing a pattern here). If you haven’t tried these sneakers yet, ORDER THEM! They are the comfiest things you will ever put on your feet. Plus, you can throw them right in the washing machine. I was obsessed with mine so I knew I needed to gift my husband a pair. This would make a great gift for the traveling guy or the guy who is always on his feet.

Ear Buds $169- This was my husband’s idea to include these and I thought it was a good one. This would make a great gift for the musical guy or the guy who travels a lot. We only have the big over-the-ear headphones in this house but I am sure one of these days we will get a pair of these!

A Couple Holiday/NYE Looks!

I have had a lot of requests for holiday/NYE looks- and while getting dressed up isn’t something I do often, I was happy to put these two looks together! One is definitely more casual- aka ME and the other is definitely more for NYE in my opinion (hello sequins!)

Nordstrom is always my go-to place when putting looks together for any upcoming event. They carry all my favorite brands and it’s so easy to find what I am looking for! I hope you enjoy these looks- keep in mind it was 30 degrees here when shooting! haha- I tried not to look cold but I was freezing!
holiday/NYE looks
holiday/NYE looks
holiday/NYE looks
holiday/NYE looks
Sizing- I took an XS in this amazing leopard coat (TTS) and a small in this sweater (sized up for length) It is hard to tell but the sweater has metallic stitching which is why I consider it more of a holiday sweater. Jeans fit TTS for me and are a brand I need to purchase more of- I LOVE them! And lastly- these wedges are entirely sherpa on the inside so they are incredibly warm and comfortable. They run TTS- I actually have them in the antelope color as well!

Like I mentioned above, this next look is definitely more NYE. But seriously how fun is this dress? The sequins are amazing. You will definitely make a statement in this piece. I also just wanted to point out my earrings even though you can’t really see them. Black beaded bows. PERFECTION.
holiday/NYE looks
holiday/NYE looks
holiday/NYE looks
holiday/NYE looks
holiday/NYE looks
Sizing info- The dress fits TTS- I am wearing an XS. You can make a lot of adjustments to it with the straps that criss cross the back but you can’t do anything about length. So if you are worried about it being short- size up one size and you can always lace up the back tighter! My furry cardigan is a size small- I always go up a size in this particular brand. Heels run TTS, I can’t find this heel height in them but I am linking the exact ones except with a kitten heel! Very similar ones but with a higher, chunkier heel can be found here.


Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!