One Big Happy!

I will take any excuse to get these two kids dressed up and coordinated. Easter was always my favorite holiday as a kid for the simple fact that I loved bunny stuffed animals. I think my love for these furry, floppy-eared creatures has rubbed off on Emmy because she is equally as in love with bunnies as I was. She sleeps with at least 4 every night and when I tuck her in I have to put her bunnies ears on her ears and that’s how she falls asleep! It’s the cutest thing. I digress- anyways! I was so excited to partner with Gymboree on their One Big Happy campaign and get them dressed up in adorable outfits and make a fun morning of it for Emmy (and Elliott of course).

Plaid Shirt / Fedora / Linen Pants / Boat Shoes

Bow Espadrilles / Bow Purse / Dress / Necklace / Bedding / Rug

We got dressed up- took some cute pictures and played and then hid Easter eggs all around the play room for Emmy to find. She had so much fun and looked adorable! I also love how she has (finally) taken to Elliott and just LOVES him. She kisses him and hugs him all the time and he absolutely adores it!

You can shop these outfits and so much more on the Gymboree website. I love how you can make complete head to toe coordinating outfits for your kids. It makes getting dressed for special occasions so much easier. They have everything from matching socks to necklaces and bow ties! Emmy loves picking out all the fun little extras like her purse and bracelet! She’s such a girly girl 🙂

Shop Emmy’s Outfit:

Shop Elliott’s Outfit:

Thank you to Gymboree for sponsoring this post!

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