Men’s Gift Guide!

When I took a poll a couple days ago, an overwhelming number of you asked me for a men’s gift guide so voila! Ask and you shall receive! Some of these are actually things I am gifting my husband this year! I also asked for his input and he actually came up with a few of these items! Enjoy!
men's gift guide

Slippers $79- LL Bean makes the best men’s slippers ever. I think every guy I know owns a pair. Anyone who receives these as a gift will not be disappointed!

Grooming Products $35- I always gift my husband some Kiehl’s for the holidays. He has been using their products for years. We are big fans of the brand in this house- so this kit is an easy gift option.

Jogger Pants $68- I gifted my husband these last year. He still wears them now. This brand is great quality so I had to include them again in this year’s gift guide.

Travel Mug $29- This is another staple gift in my house. I actually really want one for myself. It’s a great price too and there’s a ton of color options! This is a great gift for the workaholic!

Toiletry Bag $55- This gift could be given along with the grooming kit above. This is a great gift for the traveling guy. You could also put other small gifts inside- gift cards or fun socks?

Fitbit $59- I have always wanted to try one of these myself and I see a ton of guys working out wearing them so I figure I should include it! This one is definitely a more budget-friendly one. They can be as much as $300 but for the beginner, this seems like a good option.

Leather Weekend Bag $395- I gifted this to my husband recently. It is the priciest gift on the list but I can tell you, it is absolutely beautiful and will last for years to come. There’s also an option for monogramming too so you can make it that much more special.

Allbirds Sneakers $95- Another item I recently gifted my husband (I am sensing a pattern here). If you haven’t tried these sneakers yet, ORDER THEM! They are the comfiest things you will ever put on your feet. Plus, you can throw them right in the washing machine. I was obsessed with mine so I knew I needed to gift my husband a pair. This would make a great gift for the traveling guy or the guy who is always on his feet.

Ear Buds $169- This was my husband’s idea to include these and I thought it was a good one. This would make a great gift for the musical guy or the guy who travels a lot. We only have the big over-the-ear headphones in this house but I am sure one of these days we will get a pair of these!

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