Keeping That Summer Glow…

The first time I tried this product I was BLOWN AWAY. I had yet to find an SPF that gave me a glow AND a bit of a tint. Then I tried the new Supergoop Glowscreen and everything changed! Supergoop is a brand I have been trusting on my kids for a couple of years now. Their Sunnyscreen line is my absolute favorite. The mineral stick is perfect for their faces and the spray or lotion is best for the rest of their bodies. It has protected my kiddos delicate skin better than anything else I have tried – and I can’t even tell you how many others we’ve tried!

Compared to what we’re used to, this summer and fall is looking very different. I know that for us, being home more than usual means we are playing outside a lot more. Even though the weather is starting to cool off here in Maine, we can’t forget that we still need to protect our skin. The Glowscreen is your all-in-one product. You can use it as a glow-y base layer for your makeup or you can use it as your one-and-done layer for SPF protection with glow-y finish. I do both. If I know I will be leaving the house, I use it as my base layer and add a tinted moisturizer. If I am going to be home and outside playing, I usually just use it alone for protection and glow.

So pearly looking!

Stay healthy, play outside and protect your skin! I’m loving the Glowscreen and I promise that you will too! Ps. My husband prefers the Unseen Sunscreen because its not sticky and doesn’t leave any white residue in his facial hair 🙂

Thank you to Supergoop for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own and genuine.

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