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Room Makeover with Hayneedle!

For years now- literally years, I have wanted to redo this sitting room. For some strange reason this room has always stumped me. I usually have a vision for a room and achieve the look I am going or pretty swiftly. THIS room on the other hand had me baffled. It was a busy room with a lot of pieces but nothing to really anchor it. I decided instead of having 4 (uncomfortable) chairs that I needed love seats or couches and really make the space more inviting to sit and hang out. When I knew what I wanted I got to searching the Hayneedle website. Warning – you can easily spend hours on their site. They have everything for every room in the house and not just furniture. I also bought holiday gifts for Emmy last year on their site. They literally have EVERYTHING.
ANYWAYS- I found this love seat and was drawn to the grey as well as the style. I didn’t want to darken the room too much so I thought a lighter colored couch would be a perfect to off set the darker love seat. I also wanted to make sure the couch didn’t have too high of a back because I did not want to cover up too much of the window that I knew it would be placed in front of. I stumbled upon this couch and knew the color, style and price were perfect.

Next up was the coffee table. Since both seating pieces are mid century modern style I knew that was what I needed to find in a coffee table. I am usually drawn to round coffee tables (very kid-friendly) so this time I purposefully made sure to look for something different. I love the clean lines, color and style of this one I picked out. It might be my favorite piece in the entire room.
Next up was side tables. I knew I didn’t want wood because I didn’t want to be too matchy matchy with the coffee table. Gold was an obvious choice because I already had this pouf that I knew I wanted to use in the room. I chose this set of three because for one- the price was right and two, I liked the idea of working one of them into the adjoining room as a way to tie both rooms together and make the two spaces more cohesive. You can see in the picture below how I did that. The other way I made the two rooms flow better is by using the same area rug in both rooms. It’s just a simple way to make both spaces come together. I always get tons of questions about the rugs and they are both by Rugs USA and you can find these exact ones here. Also how cute are the baskets? They also come in a set of 3 so you can scatter than around however you would like.
Last thing was the accent pieces and small details. I had been making weekly trips to one of the local green houses looking for a fig leaf tree. They had one that was massive and over $375 which was way beyond what I wanted to spend for a tree. I don’t have the best reputation of keeping into trees alive so risking $375 was not happening. On the Hayneedle site I found an almost identical faux fig leaf tree for just over $100! Done and Done! What a steal. I then used knick knacks- mostly coffee table books, vases and frames from around the house to decorate the two floor to ceiling shelves that flank the room. Styling shelves is DEFINITELY NOT my strong point but I don’t think they look too bad.
And just like that, the room that has been haunting me for years is now my favorite room in the house and the room we use the most often now! I love how it all turned out. It is a 100% improvement over what it was before and I couldn’t be happier with it. Thank you SO much to Hayneedle for helping me to find inspiration when tackling this room. You made it SO much easier!


Here are a few BEFORE pictures of the space-

and more AFTER

Quite an improvement if you ask me!


Grey Loveseat | Beige Sofa | Coffee Table | Gold End Tables | Baskets |

Fig Leaf Tree | Similar Mirror | Gold Pouf | Rug

Gift Giving Like a Pro!

When it comes to gift giving, I feel like it is something I am really quite good at. Why? Because I try to always give personal and meaningful gifts to people. I have learned that it’s the little details that mean the most. Enter- Minted. One of the best places I have found to give thoughtful and meaningful gifts for ANY occasion. It started out when I needed a gift for father’s day. I knew what I wanted in my head but I was having a hard time actually finding it until I went on Minted. When I saw the Heart Collage I knew that was the special gift I had conceptualized in my head. That gift led me down the Minted hole and I spent hours on their site looking at all their unique and personalized gifts. So now only did I find one special gift for father’s day, I actually found 3 because I couldn’t decide! Minted definitely saved the day when it came to my father’s day gift and I know it will come in handy in the future when I need other gifts for that someone special.

I ended up getting two gold-foil prints: One of the state we live in and one of an address that is special to us and of course the Heart collage which to me is the star of the show. I also just want to add that shipping was very fast and everything came on time and in perfect condition. Not even a smudge on the glass!



Thank you to Minted for sponsoring this post- all opinions are my own!




Living Room Update…

home decor
You may already know this about me or maybe you don’t, but I have always been really into home decor. I love transforming a space into exactly how I envisioned it in my head. I also love to make small changes that amount to big results. That is what I did in our front sitting room last weekend. I started with a new rug from RUGS USA and built the room around that. I loved the previous rug we had in here but it was very hard to clean. This one brightens up the space a bit and is much easier to vacuum. After the rug, I changed out the pillows to these ones I already had from Bunglo. Changing out throw pillows is one of the easiest ways to transform a space. Next I wanted to incorporate more of the creams (from the rug) and pinks (from the throw pillows) so I just changed out the tray and added a few coffee table books with those colors in it. I also got this pink record player over Christmas so I wanted to incorporate that into the space as well. We also changed out the light fixture for one that is a bit more dramatic and I just love how it looks. Making these subtle changes with mostly things I already had around the house is the quickest, easiest and most inexpensive way to freshen up a space. Hope you love the results as much as I do!

home decor
home decor
home decor
home decor
home decor

Most of my furniture and accessories are stuff I have had for a while so I tried to find as similar as possible for you…
Exact Rug from Rugs USA
Similar Couch
Similar Side Table
Similar Coffee Table
Similar Lamp
Similar Bench
Similar Mirror

New Rug and Coupon Code!

new rug

I am totally OBSESSED with my new rug from RUGS USA! It’s soooo cool and totally reminds me of something you would find at Anthropologie but way less expensive! The amazing people at Rugs USA gave me a coupon code to share for 15% off any Rugs USA brand rug- including this one! Just use code: COCOWYSE at checkout!

Rug / Pointed Flats (totally obsessed- literally go with everything! Run TTS) / Jeans / Similar Sweater

Getting My Ironing on with Rowenta…

Processed with Snapseed.

One of my biggest pet peeves is when I see people (especially bloggers!) wearing wrinkly clothes. For one it just looks sloppy and for two, your job is to be promoting and styling these pieces so if you don’t take the time to make sure they look good, it’s like not giving 100% in your job. Am I the only one that feels that way? Maybe but I doubt it. Anyways, all of that is to say that I take my laundering and overall care of my clothing very seriously so when Rowenta reached out to try their new SteamCare Iron for their “Get Your Iron On” campaign, I was definitely on board. As a mom of two and blogger, I do at least one load of laundry every day and iron or steam multiples pieces as well. This iron is actually pretty cool and different because it has an automatic heat adjustment depending on the garment. You won’t find the 0-10, silk-linen scale because of this iron’s tri-plate technology- it will get the wrinkles out of all fabrics safely without having to make manual temperature adjustments. All in all, it’s a very smart and AFFORDABLE¬† ($69) iron that makes this busy mom-life of mine a little easier!

Rowenta SteamCare Iron / Ironing Board / Laundress Products



Thank you to Rowenta for collaborating with me on this post.