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Another Botox and Fillers Experience and Updates…

Since I got such amazing feedback on my two other blog posts regarding Botox and lip fillers- You can read my first experience HERE and Q & A HERE– I thought I would talk about my my recent experience- a few weeks ago. I posted on my IG stories when I was in the office getting my lips done again and got tons more questions and people asking to see before and afters- so here goes!

I made another appointment with my favorite Dr. Burke for a bit more lip filler and to see if I needed a maintenance treatment on the Botox. One thing is certain, I do not want that Botox to wear off too much. The results are TOO GOOD. So when I got there it was the same as last time. We took before pictures and I put the numbing cream all over my lips. Maybe I am over liberal with it but why not. The stuff starts working almost instantaneously. It’s such a funny feeling. I was SO numb, and apparently i licked my lips because even my tongue was numb. As I am writing this- 2.5 hours later, my lips are still pretty numb.

I have to say, I was WAY less nervous this time to get my lips injected than last time. I also will proudly say I did not get queasy or light headed this time around. The anticipation is way worse than the actual procedure which takes maybe 3 minutes tops.

So we started with the Botox injections. I was convinced i needed it everywhere but I guess I am still pretty ‘frozen’ in the 11’s (the area between the brows) but I had other facial muscles trying to make that scowl face like the muscles across the top of my forehead so he injected those and also injected the crows feet again. I am going back in about a month to have between my brows done. So I had way less Botox this time as maintenance than the first time around. He was done with it in 30 seconds.

Moving onto the lips. There is definitely still filler from the last time I did it (which was about 2 months ago) but I just wanted more. Specifically when I smile, I didn’t want my lips to disappear like they tend to do. He showed me the before and after pictures he had from before I ever put filler in and it was definitely a noticeable difference, I just wanted a little more. I told Dr. Burke I didn’t think my bottom lip needed much if anything. He agreed but said as he does the top, if he thinks the bottom needs a little too he will let me know. So we started with the lips. He used Volbella on me just like last time, starting with the left side first which was a series of two injections. Again like last time, I really only felt the initial prick but it wasn’t painful at all. As he was doing the other side he said he didn’t think my bottom lip needed any filler so we put the whole vial in my top. After he sort of molds it to his liking with his fingers and asks me to smile and make like I am blowing out a candle. After a little manipulation I was done! It was so quick and easy and really painless.

One of the most inconvenient things about getting your lips done is the after care. For one, it’s best to stay really hydrated because it helps the filler. I am so bad at hydrating throughout the day so I find this to be a big challenge. The other part that is a bit of a pain is that you have to avoid getting your lips warm/hot for 3-4 days. This means no hot coffee, no tea, no soup etc. This is really the most challenging part for me but again in the grand scheme of things, it’s not bad at all! Iced coffee through a straw is totally fine though so that’s what I am currently sipping on at the moment.

So this time around my lips definitely feel more swollen and more voluminous. I have been icing them on and off since I got home about an hour ago. I have NO pain whatsoever. I can see the tiny needle holes on the sides of my lips but I did last time as well but they went away very quickly.

Overall another A+ experience with Dr. Burke. I am excited for the slight swelling in my lips to go down and the numbness to wear off. I think I will have finally achieved the look I was going for!



Update: It has now been about 3 weeks since my lips were done. Swelling is gone (and has been for a long time) and they are exactly what I wanted and was hoping for. The After pics of the lips were taken about 2 weeks post procedure. You can see that my top lip does not disappear when I smile which is what I was going for. All in all, another success and I could not ask for a better experience with Dr. Burke.

You can visit Dr. Burke’s Facebook page for more information and to see what other kinds of procedures he performs. He also sends out very informative blog posts/newsletters which I always look forward to reading!

Here are a couple other Before and After pictures I have already posted but still- the before and after of the crow’s feet area is pretty crazy!



Q & A: Botox and Fillers…

Here is my Q & A I did with Dr. Burke- from Maine Laser Skin Care. He is the doctor that did my Botox and lip fillers. At the bottom there are some before and after pictures as well! Enjoy- and if you have more questions for Dr. Burke- please leave me a blog post comment and I will do my best to get your questions answered! If you missed part 1, you can read all about my experience actually getting the Botox and lip filler HERE.



1.) How long have you been doing cosmetic procedures?
I have been doing cosmetic procedures since late 2003. I first started with laser procedures and then added Botox and fillers in 2004. Many other newer procedures were added over time as they were developed. I was one of the first group of doctors in Maine to perform some of the newly developed products such as Kybella (for the double chin area) and Volbella for the lips.


2.) What procedure do you perform the most?
Laser hair removal is our most common procedure but Botox is a close second in terms of number of patients.


3.) When should someone consider getting Botox or other cosmetic procedures? Can you be too young or too old to see benefits from Botox? Fillers?
The age for considering cosmetic procedures varies with the problem area and the technology used. I have used lasers on many teenagers to treat acne breakouts and acne scars. I have also seen many seniors even into their 80s who wanted to get rid of spots caused by years of sun damage. My rule of thumb is that someone should consider cosmetic procedures when the problem bothers them enough that it becomes distracting to them whether it is a specific wrinkle or spot or hair growth.


4.) What’s the best noninvasive thing you do for peoples’ skin in their 20s, 30s, 40s?
Best noninvasive procedure we do in the 20s and 30s is generally the Hydrafacial which is a facial which cleans out the pores and moisturizes the skin by infusing serums. The 40s is the best time to start Botox although many people start doing Botox in their 20s and 30s now when lines first start to develop as more preventative.


5.) For someone who’s not ready for Botox yet, what do you recommend?
For someone not ready for Botox yet, the primary action should be protection of the skin with sunscreens which limit sun damage which increases lines. obviously, if someone smokes, stopping is a top priority as it does horrible things to the skin (as well as everywhere else on the body).


6.) What’s the difference between Botox and fillers?
Botox and fillers differ in the way they treat wrinkles and lines. Botox does it by relaxing the muscles that cause lines which smooths out the area over the muscles. Fillers replace lost collagen and lift up the skin underneath the lines by replacing the lost volume.


7.) Does it hurt?
Botox uses a very small needle and feels like a very small sharp pinch followed by some pressure. Fillers are thicker and need a larger needle to inject so we generally use a Novacaine-like numbing cream over the area to be treated. The fillers I use also have a Novacaine-like substance mixed in with the gel and numbs the area further as we inject. With both Botox and fillers, there is no pain after the procedure.


8.) Is it safe with breastfeeding?
Since Botox and fillers are injectable products and there has not been any testing on them with women breastfeeding, it is not recommended to use these products while women are breastfeeding.


9.) When can you expect to see results? (for both Botox and fillers)? How long does it last?
Results with fillers can be seen right away with further improvement seen within 2 weeks. Botox takes 3-4 days to kick in with initial improvement but is maximum usually in 1-2 weeks. Once Botox’s effects kick in, they continue for about 3 months whereas fillers will last 1 year. The exception is Voluma for cheeks which lasts 2 years.


10.) What’s the upkeep like?
Upkeep for Botox is retreatment when it wears off which starts off around 3 months but lengthens in time if you retreat as soon as it wears off. Fillers generally last for a year and the very gradually wear off so you have plenty of time to be treated again.


11.) When the filler wears off, does it wear off evenly or will it look lumpy?
When fillers wear off, it happens very evenly. If you let it wear off completely, it will return to where you were before the filler in appearance.


12.) When can I wear makeup again? On my face and lips?
You can wear makeup immediately after most of the treatments I do here including Botox, fillers and the type of laser you had. It would probably be better not to use lip gloss right away due to some of the swelling initially but you certainly could use it the next day.



Here are some before and after pics-


Botox: Crows Feet

Botox: Crows Feet

Juviderm Volbella Filler:

Thank You Dr. Burke for taking the time to answer all of my questions. If you are interested in getting a procedure done with him, his office is located in Augusta, Maine. He has a ton of great information on his website and also on his Facebook page.

Skincare: Kiehl’s- New & Old Favorites…

If you asked me what skin-care brand I have had in my bathroom cabinets the longest, it would have to be Kiehl’s. I have been using different products from them for YEARS now. Maybe 10 years? It all started wayyyyy back when I needed a new face wash and tried their Ultra Facial Skin Cleanser. From then on, I was hooked. At one point I think I had tried EVERY single product the company had out.



Midnight Recovery Concentrate ($46) This is one item I can’t live without. I tap it on my face before bed and when I wake up my skin is brighter, softer and more supple. Another great thing about it is that a little goes a long way and one bottle has lasted me close to a year!



Pure Vitality Skin Renewing Cream ($60) Manuka honey is supposed to be incredibly healing so I have been using this on my skin at night after cleansing and before using the recovery concentrate. It is very hydrating and smells so good!



Buttersticks ($19.50) I have also been keeping this in my purse and at my bedside- the rose one for day and the untinted one for before bed. I have been using it ALL THE TIME. It’s so hydrating and just a great lip product. It’s a constant battle to keep my lips from getting chapped but this does a great job.



Cactus Flower & Tibetan Ginseng Mist ($17)-This is an amazing skin refresher/makeup setting spray. I have been keeping it in my purse to give myself a little spritz throughout the day. It also helps make me feel more awake and refreshed.



Ultra Facial Moisture Balm ($27.50) This stuff is INSANELY good for dry skin! It is so thick like vaseline but absorbs into your skin in like one minute. It’s amazing stuff! One of the best products for dry skin I have ever tried.



Creme de Corps Lightweight Body Lotion ($25) The Creme de Corps line of lotions is my absolute favorite. I have been using it for years and will continue to use it for years because it’s just that good. It does it’s just to hydrate and smooth your skin and that’s it. No bells and whistles, just a fabulous product.



The Dry Shampoo Awards…

I am a HUGE fan of dry shampoo! I have difficult hair in that it is dry but the roots get oily so if I wash it TOO much it dries it out to a crisp but if I don’t wash it enough I will look slick and greasy. So needless to say I am a big user of dry shampoo! I have tried out a TON of them and wanted to round up my favorites for you and WHY!


Ouai ($24)-This one is right at the top for best dry shampoo out there for one simple reason- it sprays CLEAR which is amazing for people with dark hair! I have tried dry shampoo for brunettes but yuck- the dark powder gets all over your fingers and leaves you with a mess. I love that this stuff is clear and it also smells amazing.



L’Oreal Extrordinary Clay ($6)-This is the best drug store one by far! I have raved about the Clay Shampoo and Conditioner and this stuff is the same. It is just such a good product and for the price, I will most definitely be repurchasing it again and again.



R + Co Death Valley-($29)This one is the biggest of the bunch so it already gets bonus points for that. It also smells amazing and gives great volume to your hair. It is a finer powder that comes out which is very easy to work in, even if you have dark hair.



Kerastase Powder Bluff ($38)-The smell of this stuff is intoxicating. This is my second bottle so you know I love it. This is also what my hair dresser uses on me after she washes and blow dries my hair to give it added texture. I tend to use this one sparingly because it is the most expensive but it works wonders and if I could, I would use it all day everyday!



Elizabeth and James Nirvana White ($28)- This one to me is like the OG of perfume dry shampoos. I repurchased it twice. I love the scent it leaves behind and it does a really great job of drying up my roots. It does spray white so if you have dark hair like me- you need to really work it in.



Philosophy Amazing Grace– This one is such a good pick me up in the morning. I will spray it into my hair and immediately feel much more refreshed. The scent is so clean and amazing. I like to layer this with the actual Amazing Grace perfume. This also sprays white so again, if you have dark hair, you have to work it in.



My Experience with Botox/Fillers…

I know this is not my normal fashion post and if this topic does not interest you at all, feel free to just X out. I realize this type of material can be controversial so here is my two cents… I am all for whatever anyone wants to do to that makes them happy and makes them feel good about themselves. Whether that’s a little Botox, a little yoga, a little retail therapy, whatever. I am not here to judge anyone.

I have always taken an interest in cosmetic procedures. I remember as a teenager watching Dr. 90210 and just being SO captivated. I also remember watching Trauma: Life in the ER and just being so intrigued and interested in healthcare. I always used to tell my dad I wanted to be a plastic surgeon- over the years that dream morphed into becoming a nurse but the interest in cosmetic procedures still stands.

After having my second baby and being in my early 30’s- things with my body just are not what they used to be. Sleepless nights really show up on my face in the form of dark circles and wrinkles unlike in my college days when all I needed was a waffle from the cafeteria to feel like myself again after a night out. I would be looking at pictures of myself and really not like what I was seeing- the lines on my forehead especially. I have a pretty prominent resting scowl-especially when I am thinking or concentrating and I wanted it gone ASAP. Long story short, I made an appointment with Dr. Burke- a well-known aesthetic physician at Maine Laser Skin Care-to get a couple procedures done in hopes of making myself feel like ‘me’ again. Botox and fillers were on the agenda.

I had a million questions for Dr Burke- many of which I accumulated over time from my friends that were curious about one or both of the procedures. This was not my first time getting Botox so I more or less knew what to expect but I had no idea what to expect from the fillers. Let me also just say- being pro-cosmetic procedures, I never hated my lips but I am always curious to try new things, especially when I know they are not permanent.

My Botox had long since worn off from before being pregnant with Elliott so I basically had to start fresh again. The appointment started off with me putting numbing cream on my face in the places that I thought I would like the Botox and a different numbing cream on my lips. Fast-forward a second to the procedures- I don’t think the facial numbing cream really did anything but I also don’t think Botox really hurts (except between the brows where the majority of the medication goes). The numbing cream for your lips though- DAMN. That stuff is intense. I couldn’t feel my lips for a couple hours.

When Dr. Burke came in we discussed the plan and my ‘problem’ areas. The Botox was the first procedure we did and like I remembered, it takes maybe 5 minutes TOPS and really does not hurt except between the brows- there is the most pain/pressure there due to the volume being injected. In total I believe I got about 40 units- 20 between the brows, and the rest sprinkled across my forehead, above the outer part of my brows to give them a little lift and in the area of my crows feet. It really wasn’t that bad and the results make what little pain you feel WELL WORTH IT.

Next up- lips. I was actually pretty nervous for this. Dr. Burke told me most people are surprised and say it hurts much less than they were expecting and I will say, I also found that to be the case. He used Juviderm Vobella XC which is the softest of the fillers and lasts up to a year. He used one syringe total, mostly on my top lip and a little on my bottom lip. All I could feel was a slight prick of the needle but that is really it. I would rate it a 2-3 out of 10 on the pain scale. The lip injections do take a little longer than the Botox and after he sort of molds your lips with his fingers. The part that I wasn’t expecting is after getting your lips done, you should not drink anything hot for a few days. I had my procedures done on a Thursday and he told me to wait until Monday to start drinking hot coffee again. Smoking is also a big no-no because your lips can remold and you will have some not-so-pretty results.

So that was it. I was done and survived. I will say though, I did get a little woozy for a minute when everything was all said and done. I think it was because I was thinking about how many needle pricks I had just gotten to my face-for real. I used to put IVs in people and give shots all day long but when it comes to me as the patient, it’s a whole different story. I was fine after just a couple of minutes and a sip of water though. I was able to go home, pick up lunch, pick up Emmy at school, etc. I had one small bruise from one of the Botox injections but that was it. My lips never bruised or got sore either. I have heard horror stories of people’s lips bruising or being incredibly sore after injections but I didn’t find that to be the case at all.

I cannot emphasize enough the importance of having the right provider with the right experience doing the injections. I can very easily see how some people can have a negative experience and be upset with their results. Thankfully, Dr Burke is amazing and with him I immediately knew I was in good hands.

Now that I am about 3 weeks out, the Botox has set in and I am truly impressed and obsessed with the results. Even my husband told me my skin looks much smoother. I am able to raise my brows and make facial expressions but I am not able to scowl, which I am happy about. I noticed in recent pictures that I don’t see the crows feet that I was seeing around my eyes either. As for my lips, they look and feel great. They are very soft and natural-looking.

I will definitely be going back to Dr. Burke in the future. I had such a great experience. You can tell he loves what he does and has a lot of patience for someone like me who comes in with a million questions and wants to take pictures every step of the way. He and his staff were super warm, inviting and professional. Dr. Burke is located in Augusta Maine at Maine Laser Skin Care. He is the leading Botox provider for the state. Trust me when I saw you will be in very good hands should you choose to go see him! You can also check out his Facebook Page here.

Stay tuned for my Q & A with him about everything Botox and Fillers related….