Gift Ideas for Father’s Day!

father's day
Father’s day is right around the corner, and if you are anything like me- you are scrambling to think of a good gift for the men in your life. It’s hard because a lot of us have multiple guys to buy for- husbands, fathers, grandfathers, etc. The list goes on. So I have put together some fabulous gift ideas for these special men, all of which you can get from Walmart! I want to point out specifically the Harry’s shaver! My husband has been using this brand for a while and absolutely loves it. Walmart recently started carrying it (how awesome if this exclusive blue color?!) and the best part is- it’s super affordable so you can gift the razor and other Harry’s accessories to ALL the men in your life and be WAY under budget! Don’t forget to buy them refills too!

Some other gift ideas- more so if you only need to buy for one guy- are a bit pricier but again you can just run to Walmart to pick them up or order online and even do in store pick up so you don’t have to wonder around the store!
I have these Bose Wireless Headphones and love them so much. I use them all the time when I am doing work on my computer or watching Netflix. Also we just bought the new Nest Thermostat bundle. It comes with a free Google Home Mini. My husband said the thermostat is super easy to install so even those not-so-handy handyman can probably figure it out!

Lastly- you can never go wrong giving someone a good book. The Alchemist just so happens to be my husband’s favorite book so I thought I would include it here! Or you could give a little gift basket to your loved one- a book, the new Harry’s razor and the google home mini? That would be a great little gift and it would come in just a bit over $50! Not too bad!

father's day
father's day
father's day

Harry’s Razor (less than $10!) / Harry’s Shave Gel ($6) / Harry’s Post Shave Balm ($8)
Harry’s Products:

Bose Wireless Headphones ($349) / Google Home Mini ($39) / Nest Thermostat (comes with FREE Google Home Mini) ($118)

Other Gift Ideas:

Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post!

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