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Here’s my secret to holiday shopping – get it done! It doesn’t have to be stressful.  The key is to do it well in advance, then you can rest easy and sip hot chocolate in your cozy home when everyone else is stuck in line at the cash register.  Besides, shopping for kiddos is always my favorite.  I wanted to kick off my Holiday Gift Guides of 2017 with toys for the babes!  I concentrated on the toddler age but stuck a couple things in there for both younger and older kiddos.



Laugh & Learn Chair

Elliott got this chair for his birthday and absolutely loves it! For less than $25, it’s an absolute steal. He sits in it, stands on it and hides things under the seat cushion. Of course the best part is his laughter when he lifts the seat and sees what he hid!

There is also a pink version if you want something more girly!


Radio Flyer Retro Rocket

The beauty of this toy is its simplicity.  Sit.  Scoot.  Hit the buttons.  Laugh! At 15months, Elliott is the perfect size to be able to get on and off by himself and “fly” around the room. This is another toy Elliott was given for his birthday and what a hit it has been! The buttons light up and talk and he is big enough (at 15 months) to be able to actually sit on it and scoot around. It is one of his favorite toys for sure!


Lego Set

When you look around the room, how many of your kids’ toys did you play with as a kid?  None?  Me neither – except for Legos! They are one of the few toys to really have stood the test of time.  They’re just as awesome as they were then.  Also, you don’t need to find a poorly-fitting container to store all the Legos as this case is perfect.


Electric Hoverboard Scooter

This is the coolest gift ever! This would be ideal for those older kids who are hard to buy for or the kid that has everything. I would love this for myself even! It comes in a ton of different colors as well!


Sit to Stand Walker

This is a great gift to give a little babe. Both Emmy and Elliott played with this for months and months, starting from when they were just able to sit up on their own. This would also be great to gift a family with a newborn or one on the way!


Laugh and Learn Smart Phone

 There’s nothing cuter than hearing Emmy pretend to call the zoo to talk to the animals.  Kids love to copy what their Mama and Dada do and talking on the phone comes naturally to them!  (FYI we do not call the zoo to talk to the animals!)


Wooden Train Set

This would be my kids’ dream gift! There is a toy store near us where we shop sometimes and they have this train set out to play with. My kids could sit there for hours playing with it. Definitely an amazing holiday gift!


Play-Doh Ice Cream Castle

Emmy was recently at a friend’s house who had this Play-Doh set and it entertained them for hours.  At $15 you really can’t get a better bang for your buck. It is on the top of my Holiday list for her!


Radio Flyer Canopy Wagon

Do your kids ever seem totally bored in their strollers?  Here’s the solution.  Such a fun way to take the kids on a walk.  Also, plenty of room for toys!


Hatchimals Glittering Garden

This toy has been all the rage for a couple years now and is still such a big hit. My kids are not old enough to want one but if yours are, get one of these now while they are still on the shelves!


Activity Ball Pit

I wish I knew about this when my kids were a little smaller. They love playing in ball pits at play zones so how fun would it be to have your own little play zone at home with this toy?! Totally portable and so much cleaner than a sandbox!


These are just a few of the amazing gifts that Walmart has to offer! If you take a look at the Toyland section of their website, you can get lost with all the fun gifts for kids! The sky is seriously the limit with all they have to offer and the prices are cheaper than what I have seen elsewhere!





Thank you to Walmart for sponsoring this post~!

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