Gift Guide- Kiddos!

Here’s another gift guide for you! This one has been highly requested. I have tried to keep it as gender neutral as possible. I feel like it makes things easier- especially for those of us who have both boys and girls. Also my kiddos have most of these toys so I can tell you from experience that they are all BIG HITS! xo

Grow & Glow Terrarium $12- This is so cool and educational. I know both my kiddos would think this is very cool and the price point is great. It also works great for either a boy or a girl!

Balance Bikes $119- This is one of the more big ticket items. These balance bikes are so popular in helping kids learn how to ride a bike. There’s both boy and girl colors in it. What kid wouldn’t love to get this as a gift?!

2-in-1 Stuffed Animal Hoodie $50- I thought this was really cool. I love things that have multiples uses. This can be a stuffed animal or a hoodie- genius!

Fancy Nancy Boombox/Microphone $21- We have this toy and my kids fight over it. They love singing along to the little tunes and of course using the microphone. My kids aren’t even Fancy Nancy fans but this toy has been a huge hit.

Light Up Sneakers $44- This gift will be a HUGE hit for sure! Emmy has had a pair of these in her wardrobe for over a year now. When she grew out of her first pair, we had to immediately replace them with a new pair. Elliott loved Emmy’s so much that we got him the boy version.

Glowing Race Car Set $49- Both of my kids are OBSESSED with this toy. It keeps them entertained for SO long. We have even had to replace the cars and buy extra tracks because they have used and abused this toy so much.

Tent with Tunnels $138- Oh my gosh how my kids would love this toy!! I can imagine it would be a big hit with most kids. A tent with 4 tunnels? Sounds like hours of fun to me!

Kinetic Sand $20- Another big hit with my kids and with the adults. This stuff is so cool to play with! Way better than play-doh in my opinion!

Walkie Talkies $20- This would make a great gift for siblings! One gift that they essentially can’t fight over! (Although I am sure mine would find a way!)

Here are a few other toys that are on my kids’ wish list-

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