My Favorite Kids’ Car Seat for Travel!

This little post is long overdue. My #1 most asked question of all time is- “what color is the paint on your walls?” BUT my #2 most asked question has got to be, “what was that kids’ car seat you talked about that using when you travel?” No joke I must get asked about it at least 5x a day. So now hopefully doing this mini blog post about it will make it easier and more accessible for all of you!

Traveling with kiddos is no easy task. Especially when they are at the age where they don’t want to sit on your lap anymore but they also don’t get the appeal of an ipad either. We had a terrible trip down to Florida at the beginning of the year and one of my amazing followers recommended this car seat for travel. It;s great because it’s super light-weight and inexpensive and it allows your kiddos to fall asleep once in flight. We always talked about taking our big, heavy, everyday car seat with us on trips but it is SO cumbersome and I really didn’t want to worry about anything happening to it. So this $45 car seat was the perfect solution. I know TONS of you, probably hundreds have ordered it and used it for flights with great success. (thank you for all the messages- again, I get them almost daily!)
Another question I get asked is if we use this car seat while on vacation. The answer is yes- sort of. The times we have traveled with it, we are going to a destination with extended family who are able to watch and play with our kids so that my husband and I can go out and do things together. We use the car seats to go to and from the airports to the hotel but not much after that. They are a five-point harness but I just don’t want to rely on it’s safety in an accident so we really just use as minimally as possible once we get to our destination.

I hope this answers all of your questions- if you have anymore, feel free to DM me or leave it in the comments!

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