Emmy Gets a BIG GIRL BED!

So for the last few months, Emmy has been asking us for a big girl bed. We were a little reluctant at first but decided it was a good time for her to work towards it- as a goal. She loves sticker charts and is always asking to make them for one thing or another and she is at the age where she totally understands the actual concept and that she has to earn what she wants and if she does what we ask of her, she will get a reward at the end. So my husband and I decided we would make her a sticker chart and once she stayed in her bed a certain number of nights- she would get her big girl bed And low and behold- it worked like a charm. We went through a really rough patch for a while where she would not stay in her bed at all. Every night we would have to bring her back into her room over and over again. We really did not want her to get into the habit that it’s okay and normal to sleep in our bed. For us, that just won’t work. I know for some people it does, but we did not want to get into that.

Anyways- I digress. My point is, the sticker chart worked like a charm and after she filled up the first row, she was able to get her big girl bed. My husband built it and I dressed it all up one day when she as out with her Mimi. The look on her face when she saw her new bed was absolutely PRICELESS. She is so in love with this bed, words can’t even describe it!

So here is her bed (and Emmy) in all her glory! This bed was actually a crib first and with the bed rails, we were able to make it into a full size bed. I plan on her being in this bed until college! Ha! We shall see!
big girl bed
big girl bed
big girl bed
big girl bed

Big Girl Bed- Delta Children |Full Size Bed Rails- Delta Children | Purple Sheet Set- Target | Pom Pom Comforter Set- Target | Mesh Canopy- Pottery Barn Kids | Rug- Lulu & Georgia



Thank you to Delta Children for sponsoring this post!

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