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The Dry Shampoo Awards…

I am a HUGE fan of dry shampoo! I have difficult hair in that it is dry but the roots get oily so if I wash it TOO much it dries it out to a crisp but if I don’t wash it enough I will look slick and greasy. So needless to say I am a big user of dry shampoo! I have tried out a TON of them and wanted to round up my favorites for you and WHY!


Ouai ($24)-This one is right at the top for best dry shampoo out there for one simple reason- it sprays CLEAR which is amazing for people with dark hair! I have tried dry shampoo for brunettes but yuck- the dark powder gets all over your fingers and leaves you with a mess. I love that this stuff is clear and it also smells amazing.



L’Oreal Extrordinary Clay ($6)-This is the best drug store one by far! I have raved about the Clay Shampoo and Conditioner and this stuff is the same. It is just such a good product and for the price, I will most definitely be repurchasing it again and again.



R + Co Death Valley-($29)This one is the biggest of the bunch so it already gets bonus points for that. It also smells amazing and gives great volume to your hair. It is a finer powder that comes out which is very easy to work in, even if you have dark hair.



Kerastase Powder Bluff ($38)-The smell of this stuff is intoxicating. This is my second bottle so you know I love it. This is also what my hair dresser uses on me after she washes and blow dries my hair to give it added texture. I tend to use this one sparingly because it is the most expensive but it works wonders and if I could, I would use it all day everyday!



Elizabeth and James Nirvana White ($28)- This one to me is like the OG of perfume dry shampoos. I repurchased it twice. I love the scent it leaves behind and it does a really great job of drying up my roots. It does spray white so if you have dark hair like me- you need to really work it in.



Philosophy Amazing Grace– This one is such a good pick me up in the morning. I will spray it into my hair and immediately feel much more refreshed. The scent is so clean and amazing. I like to layer this with the actual Amazing Grace perfume. This also sprays white so again, if you have dark hair, you have to work it in.



My Favorite Nude Lipsticks…

Recently I have really gotten into nude lipsticks. I don’t know if it’s because I finally found a brand/formulation that I love or what but I am lipstick addicted these days! My favorite lipsticks as of lately have all been from Charlotte Tilbury. They have really gorgeous nudes. I have never been one to rock a red lip but the nudes- most definitely! It started with “‘bitch perfect’‘ and my obsession and collection has grown pretty significantly since then. The lip liner in Pillow Talk is hands down my favorite lip liner color ever and they recently came out with the Pillow Talk lip stick as well which is AMAZING. My collection and swatches are below…try one and you will be hooked, I promise!
Left to Right:
Very Victoria
Pillow Talk
Kidsman’s Kiss
Bitch Perfect
Penelope Pink
Kim KW
nude lipsticks

nude lipsticks

The Cutest Makeup Case…

cutest makeup case

I just got the cutest makeup case ($15) and it inspired me to go through my makeup in an effort to organize and get rid of some of the clutter. Here is a small assortment of some of my most loved items-

+Amazing Grace Dry Shampoo ($24) I am OBSESSED with this stuff! I need like 10 more bottles!
+L’Occitane Skin Perfecting Mist ($24) This spray does it all. It sets your makeup, reduces the appearance of pores and keeps your skin hydrated for 8 hours
+Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector ($41) I absolutely swear by this stuff for giving me a ‘glow from within’ look.
+It Cosmetics CC Cream ($38) I have talked about this product so many time, it’s the best. Bottom line. Same goes for the next product, the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer ($24) A little goes a LONG way. I think one tube will last me a lifetime.
+By Terry Rose de Baume ($60) Super nourishing for your lips and cuticles.

Outfit: Jeans ($88, runs TTS) / Sneakers ($85, runs TTS)

Blush and Rose Gold Favorites…

blush and rose gold

+Computer Case– ($68) I just got a new laptop so I was in need of a new case. My old marble laptop case was adhesive which worked great but I wanted something that would protect my investment a little more. I did a little searching and found Janet Gwen Designs and could not be happier with her products. The quality is exactly what I was looking for!
+Card Case– ($65) I wanted a little card case for my smaller purses and this one is the cutest! I love the monogram detail and the quality of the leather is superb.
+Purse– ($225) The most beautiful color bag ever! The gold chain is such a nice added touch. (insert heart eye emojis)
+Lip Glosses- Urban Decay Ultra Nourishing Lip Gloss ($20) in the color “Walk of Shame” and By Terry Baume de Rose Crystalline ($53). The UD lip gloss is one of my favorites. I have it in about 5 colors but this color is my current favorite. The By Terry lip gloss is a bit of a splurge but it is just SO amazing and luxurious. The scent is also incredible.
+Nail Polish– ($12.50) I am always on the hunt for new light pink polish colors since that is all I wear. These OPI ones are gorgeous. The colors are called, “Staying Neutral On This One” and “You Can Count on It.” I also love this Deborah Lippmann one in the color “Love Story.”

Winter Skin Care…

winter skin

Living in New England my entire life, I feel like I have become an absolute expert on winter skin care. It has taken me many many years but I really have it down at this point. Since we are really in the thick of the cold, dry winter air here in New England I thought it would be a good time to take you step by step through my winter skin care routine. Here are my steps to maintaining healthy, supple skin, all winter long.

1. Masks, masks, masks. I am going to touch on a few of my favorite masks in this post starting with these Cucumber De-Tox Hydragel Eye Masks ($48) by Peter Thomas Roth. They are amazing, soothing, cooling and hydrating. I have been using these a couple times a week throughout the colder months for extra moisture.

2. Exfoliate- ($219) This step is really important all year long but especially in the cold, dry months. It’s vital to get the dry, flaky skin cells off to reveal the healthier skin underneath. I use my Clarisonic Mia Fit 2-3x a week.

3. Face Masks- ($52) I love a good face mask! This Blue Marine Algae Intense Hydrating Mask by Peter Thomas Roth is SUPER hydrating. It’s like drenching your skin in moisture- plus it has anti-aging properties as well so it’s a win-win. This is to be used 2x a week.

4. Lip Masks- ($50) Yes these are a real thing and these Lip Masks by Patchology are SO GOOD. I have chronic dry lips so in addition to using my tried and true Blistex every night, I also use these masks. It helps my lipstick to go on and look much smoother. Who wants crusty, dry lips anyways?

5. Humidify- This step is CRUCIAL. I wake up feeling 100x better when I use my humidifier at night. If I don’t use it, I also get very stuffy and can’t breath as well so I don’t sleep as well either. A good humidifier is a game-changer. This one by Dyson ($499) is absolutely the best on the market. It does a 3-minute self-clean every time you turn it on. Plus it can sense how dry the air is and keep your room at your desired level of humidity. I keep mine turned up to 70% which is the highest it goes and I am telling you- this makes a huge difference in the overall look and feel of your skin.

6. Hydrate- This one also seems pretty obvious but is definitely the hardest for me to keep up with. I can mask and exfoliate all day- but drink water?! Who has the time! But in all seriousness this step is also crucial to keeping your skin hydrated. You can do all you want to the outside-moisturize, exfoliate etc but you also need to work on your skin from the inside. This has been an ongoing battle for me as I am the worst at drinking water throughout the day. I have found though, that investing in a cute water bottle like this Spiked BKR Bottle ($40) actually does help! I have also found that adding a packet of these all-natural flavors to my water helps in a big way.

I hope you enjoyed this post. If you live in a cold climate like myself, let me know what your tricks and tips are for maintaining that healthy, glowing skin all year round!