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How to Buy Designer Handbags For Less!

Calling all designer handbag lovers!

Okay here it is! This is always such a highly requested post! I get asked all the time where to buy designer bags for less than retail and trust me- I know ALLLLL the places! I hate paying full price for a bag- especially when I can get one LIKE NEW for hundreds of dollars less.

Enter my new favorite site: StockX. 

It works a lot like other auction sites where you can buy it now (at the lowest price indicated by the seller) or bid and hope your bid gets accepted. I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on this Louis Vuitton Pallas clutch- which is another reason why I love buying preloved! This bag has been unavailable on the LV site for months so you can imagine how happy I was when I was able to snag it on StockX.

The bag arrived with no signs of wear at all – that’s because StockX only sells pieces that are in excellent condition. You won’t find a beat up designer bag on their site so there should be no surprises when your bag arrives! They also authenticate all of their products so you don’t have to worry about that aspect at all. When doing a handbag search, you can narrow your search by only searching specific designers or budget, color, handbag style, etc.The other thing is, they sell much more than just handbags so if you are in the market for sneakers or watches, they also have a ton of those listed.
So now you know my little secret! If there’s a bag you have been eyeing, check out StockX first before buying it brand new. OR if there’s a bag you have been trying to get your hands on but can’t (like me with the LV Pallas), check out their site, maybe you will get lucky like I did!

BONUS- If you are a first-time buyer on StockX, you will get $50 off your first purchase!

Also if you have more questions- here is their FAQ page.
designer handbag
designer handbag
designer handbag
designer handbag
designer handbag



Thank you to StockX for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support me!

Eklund Griffin

Have you heard of the American-made bag and clutch company called Eklund Griffin? If not, today is your lucky day. I want to introduce you to them because I have been a fan of for a LONG time. They are two sisters who make gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous nautical-inspired clutches and bags right here in Maine. (yay for supporting local businesses!)
The clutches they make are so nice- the craftsmanship is pristine and I love the attention to detail like the nautical rope pull. My favorite piece from their collection though has got to be their Wave Weekender tote. It’s very New England with the leather wave detail and the inside is chambray. It’s stunning.

Eklund Griffin was so sweet to extend a 10% discount code to my followers for anything on their website for the next 10 days! So if you have been lusting after one of their gorgeous pieces, now is the time to grab one! Use code “COCO10” at checkout now through July 16!

The Dry Shampoo Awards…

I am a HUGE fan of dry shampoo! I have difficult hair in that it is dry but the roots get oily so if I wash it TOO much it dries it out to a crisp but if I don’t wash it enough I will look slick and greasy. So needless to say I am a big user of dry shampoo! I have tried out a TON of them and wanted to round up my favorites for you and WHY!


Ouai ($24)-This one is right at the top for best dry shampoo out there for one simple reason- it sprays CLEAR which is amazing for people with dark hair! I have tried dry shampoo for brunettes but yuck- the dark powder gets all over your fingers and leaves you with a mess. I love that this stuff is clear and it also smells amazing.



L’Oreal Extrordinary Clay ($6)-This is the best drug store one by far! I have raved about the Clay Shampoo and Conditioner and this stuff is the same. It is just such a good product and for the price, I will most definitely be repurchasing it again and again.



R + Co Death Valley-($29)This one is the biggest of the bunch so it already gets bonus points for that. It also smells amazing and gives great volume to your hair. It is a finer powder that comes out which is very easy to work in, even if you have dark hair.



Kerastase Powder Bluff ($38)-The smell of this stuff is intoxicating. This is my second bottle so you know I love it. This is also what my hair dresser uses on me after she washes and blow dries my hair to give it added texture. I tend to use this one sparingly because it is the most expensive but it works wonders and if I could, I would use it all day everyday!



Elizabeth and James Nirvana White ($28)- This one to me is like the OG of perfume dry shampoos. I repurchased it twice. I love the scent it leaves behind and it does a really great job of drying up my roots. It does spray white so if you have dark hair like me- you need to really work it in.



Philosophy Amazing Grace– This one is such a good pick me up in the morning. I will spray it into my hair and immediately feel much more refreshed. The scent is so clean and amazing. I like to layer this with the actual Amazing Grace perfume. This also sprays white so again, if you have dark hair, you have to work it in.



Spring Accessories with Nordstrom…

Accessories are the best and easiest way to elevate and add interest to your outfits. They also help to transition an outfit from one season to the next! This spring, I looked to Nordstrom to find fun accessories to change up my wardrobe and get ready for the warmer weather ahead! They have the biggest selection of options at price points for everyone.


This scalloped tote bag is an absolute MUST have for spring. It comes in 4 different colors and is only $75. The scallop detailing and cutouts make it perfect to pair with a cute spring dress or a denim jacket like I did!


Blush colors have been a favorite of mine for quite a while. I saw these rose gold sunglasses (only $12) and a fold over clutch (only $25) and thought they would be perfect to mix and match with a bunch of different outfits.
Scarves are a great staple to add to your wardrobe no matter what the season. This lightweight optionis perfect for if it’s still a little chilly out but you don’t want to bundle up too much!

Baseball hats are a big trend this spring. I have never been a huge hat person but I figured for $19- I could try out this pink eyelet one! I mean- how cute is it?!

Accessories can be not only trendy but affordable. I found all these pieces at Nordstrom and most were between $12 and $30 with the exception of the tote bag. What accessories are you eyeing for spring?! I might need to snag this tote in white before they’re gone!


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Thank you to Nordstrom for sponsoring this post!

My Favorite Nude Lipsticks…

Recently I have really gotten into nude lipsticks. I don’t know if it’s because I finally found a brand/formulation that I love or what but I am lipstick addicted these days! My favorite lipsticks as of lately have all been from Charlotte Tilbury. They have really gorgeous nudes. I have never been one to rock a red lip but the nudes- most definitely! It started with “‘bitch perfect’‘ and my obsession and collection has grown pretty significantly since then. The lip liner in Pillow Talk is hands down my favorite lip liner color ever and they recently came out with the Pillow Talk lip stick as well which is AMAZING. My collection and swatches are below…try one and you will be hooked, I promise!
Left to Right:
Very Victoria
Pillow Talk
Kidsman’s Kiss
Bitch Perfect
Penelope Pink
Kim KW
nude lipsticks

nude lipsticks