Gift Ideas for Father’s Day!

father's day
Father’s day is right around the corner, and if you are anything like me- you are scrambling to think of a good gift for the men in your life. It’s hard because a lot of us have multiple guys to buy for- husbands, fathers, grandfathers, etc. The list goes on. So I have put together some fabulous gift ideas for these special men, all of which you can get from Walmart! I want to point out specifically the Harry’s shaver! My husband has been using this brand for a while and absolutely loves it. Walmart recently started carrying it (how awesome if this exclusive blue color?!) and the best part is- it’s super affordable so you can gift the razor and other Harry’s accessories to ALL the men in your life and be WAY under budget! Don’t forget to buy them refills too!

Some other gift ideas- more so if you only need to buy for one guy- are a bit pricier but again you can just run to Walmart to pick them up or order online and even do in store pick up so you don’t have to wonder around the store!
I have these Bose Wireless Headphones and love them so much. I use them all the time when I am doing work on my computer or watching Netflix. Also we just bought the new Nest Thermostat bundle. It comes with a free Google Home Mini. My husband said the thermostat is super easy to install so even those not-so-handy handyman can probably figure it out!

Lastly- you can never go wrong giving someone a good book. The Alchemist just so happens to be my husband’s favorite book so I thought I would include it here! Or you could give a little gift basket to your loved one- a book, the new Harry’s razor and the google home mini? That would be a great little gift and it would come in just a bit over $50! Not too bad!

father's day
father's day
father's day

Harry’s Razor (less than $10!) / Harry’s Shave Gel ($6) / Harry’s Post Shave Balm ($8)
Harry’s Products:

Bose Wireless Headphones ($349) / Google Home Mini ($39) / Nest Thermostat (comes with FREE Google Home Mini) ($118)

Other Gift Ideas:

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My Favorite Kids’ Car Seat for Travel!

This little post is long overdue. My #1 most asked question of all time is- “what color is the paint on your walls?” BUT my #2 most asked question has got to be, “what was that kids’ car seat you talked about that using when you travel?” No joke I must get asked about it at least 5x a day. So now hopefully doing this mini blog post about it will make it easier and more accessible for all of you!

Traveling with kiddos is no easy task. Especially when they are at the age where they don’t want to sit on your lap anymore but they also don’t get the appeal of an ipad either. We had a terrible trip down to Florida at the beginning of the year and one of my amazing followers recommended this car seat for travel. It;s great because it’s super light-weight and inexpensive and it allows your kiddos to fall asleep once in flight. We always talked about taking our big, heavy, everyday car seat with us on trips but it is SO cumbersome and I really didn’t want to worry about anything happening to it. So this $45 car seat was the perfect solution. I know TONS of you, probably hundreds have ordered it and used it for flights with great success. (thank you for all the messages- again, I get them almost daily!)
Another question I get asked is if we use this car seat while on vacation. The answer is yes- sort of. The times we have traveled with it, we are going to a destination with extended family who are able to watch and play with our kids so that my husband and I can go out and do things together. We use the car seats to go to and from the airports to the hotel but not much after that. They are a five-point harness but I just don’t want to rely on it’s safety in an accident so we really just use as minimally as possible once we get to our destination.

I hope this answers all of your questions- if you have anymore, feel free to DM me or leave it in the comments!

Mother’s Day: Gift Guide

I absolutely love celebrating all the special women in our lives- not just mothers but step moms, mother-in-laws, sisters, cousins, nieces, best girlfriends, etc. Mother’s Day is a great time to take the opportunity to say thank you for everything you do. I put together a little gift guide with some of my favorite things to give and to receive, as well as a few things that are on my wish list! Enjoy!

T3 Hairdryer -$170- I have been using this hairdryer for a few months now and I absolutely love it. Not only is it gorgeous (hello rose gold and white!) but it is so incredibly powerful without sounding like it’s about to take off. Plus it’s currently 15% off! This would make a great gift for your mom or wife (any guys reading this?!).

Initial Necklace -$45- You know I am a BIIIG fan of initial necklaces! They come in all different price points but this one is very reasonable at just $45. It also comes in silver and gold finishes as well. This would make a great gift for a best friend, aunt, or cousin!

Aerin Candle -$80- This candle immediately grabbed my attention. It’s elegant and classy and I am sure it smells like a dream. (I am a big fan of the Aerin scent- Ikat Jasmine) This candle would make a great splurge gift for that woman that is hard to buy for or the woman that has everything- I am thinking mother-in-law, step mom or grandmother!

Corkcicle Tumbler -$24- I have this exact tumbler and use it all the time! It keeps your drink either hot or cold for hours! I also use these stainless steel straws with it. This would make a great gift for the woman who is trying to leave a smaller carbon foot print or maybe a foodie as well. The price point is great as well!

Ugg Bow Sneakers -$119- These Ugg sneakers have my name written all over them! The bow is so cute and I love that you can just slip them on or off. These are definitely on my wish list! This would make a great gift for the girly girl woman in your life!

Kate Spade Smartwatch -$295- This is a pricier gift but for an piece that gets worn/used every day, the cost per wear quickly makes sense. I love that Kate Spade is now making smart watches- I was never a huge fan of the Apple watch look. I owned one for a little bit but never really wore it. I can definitely see myself wearing this watch though. It would make a great gift for yourself! 🙂

Tory Burch McGraw Tote -$398- I am a huge TB fan. I love her bags so much so in my opinion, Mother’s Day is a perfect opportunity to give one of her beautiful bags. Most moms carry around a lot of STUFF so this tote bag would be perfect. Also the Devon Sand color is absolutely gorgeous. I have this satchel and this crossbody. The color goes with EVERYTHING!

O-Venture Key Ring -$25-$55- These key rings are genius! Especially for the woman who always has her hands full (aka all of us!). These little gadgets are cute but also convenient. I never have to dig through my bottomless pit of a purse anymore to look for my keys. They range from $25-$55 depending on what material you want. The silicone rose gold one has been incredibly popular. Also you can get 15% off your purchase if you use code: COCO15 ! These would make a great gift for anyone!

Coco Rose Hydration Trio -$39- This would make a great gift for any woman that likes to pamper herself. I have tried products from this brand myself and really liked them. Gift sets are always great because you usually get more for your money than if you were to buy each item separately.

The Perfect Pair of Denim Shorts- Topshop for Spring!

perfect pair of denim shorts

As spring and summer are (slowly) approaching here in New England, I have started my annual hunt for the perfect pair of denim shorts. Ones that are not too distressed, not too short, not too faded, etc. As you can imagine, there are a lot of boxes to check off. I have tried on and returned at least 5 pairs already this season BUT I think I have finally found the perfect pair of denim cutoff shorts- these ones by Topshop check off ALL of my boxes AND they are only $55- that is a win win for sure. Sizing can definitely be a tricky thing with shorts. My recommendation for these ones- get your size that is in the parentheses. So I am normally a 25/0 and I ordered the US 2 because it said, “fits like 0.” They fit perfectly and are totally mom appropriate.
While I was shopping, I also snagged this super cute soft and cozy sweatshirt. I got it in a size small, it is a little oversized on me but I don’t mind that look. The day these pictures were taken it was about 35 degrees outside and the wind was whipping so hard. This sweatshirt was definitely necessary but I definitely still felt a little silly running around in shorts and sandals! Speaking of sandals though, the ones I am wearing here are SO comfortable and help make my legs look tan! I also applied this ‘Body Blur” product to try to make my legs look a little more ready for shorts! They fit true to size and come in a few colors.

So to conclude if you are constantly on the hunt for the perfect pair denim shorts, look no further. They have been found! Now the search continues for a white pair of cutoffs!

perfect pair of denim shorts
perfect pair of denim shorts
perfect pair of denim shorts
perfect pair of denim shorts

Outfit Details-
Sweatshirt ($52) / Denim Shorts ($55) / Wedges ($89) / Body Blur Skin Finish ($45)

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How to Buy Designer Handbags For Less!

Calling all designer handbag lovers!

Okay here it is! This is always such a highly requested post! I get asked all the time where to buy designer bags for less than retail and trust me- I know ALLLLL the places! I hate paying full price for a bag- especially when I can get one LIKE NEW for hundreds of dollars less.

Enter my new favorite site: StockX. 

It works a lot like other auction sites where you can buy it now (at the lowest price indicated by the seller) or bid and hope your bid gets accepted. I was lucky enough to be able to get my hands on this Louis Vuitton Pallas clutch- which is another reason why I love buying preloved! This bag has been unavailable on the LV site for months so you can imagine how happy I was when I was able to snag it on StockX.

The bag arrived with no signs of wear at all – that’s because StockX only sells pieces that are in excellent condition. You won’t find a beat up designer bag on their site so there should be no surprises when your bag arrives! They also authenticate all of their products so you don’t have to worry about that aspect at all. When doing a handbag search, you can narrow your search by only searching specific designers or budget, color, handbag style, etc.The other thing is, they sell much more than just handbags so if you are in the market for sneakers or watches, they also have a ton of those listed.
So now you know my little secret! If there’s a bag you have been eyeing, check out StockX first before buying it brand new. OR if there’s a bag you have been trying to get your hands on but can’t (like me with the LV Pallas), check out their site, maybe you will get lucky like I did!

BONUS- If you are a first-time buyer on StockX, you will get $50 off your first purchase!

Also if you have more questions- here is their FAQ page.
designer handbag
designer handbag
designer handbag
designer handbag
designer handbag



Thank you to StockX for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that support me!